What does “Eye Exam Cost” represent?

Finding out the cost of an eye exam can be very complicated. The price amount shown reflects someone who will be new to that vision center and will be paying cash on the same day of service. This price includes an eye health check and a prescription for eyeglasses. Prices may increase if you have insurance to be billed or do not pay on the same day of service. These prices are not guaranted.

What does “Contact Lens Exam Cost” represent?

This price shown assumes you are a new patient paying cash on the same day of service. And also assumes you are a previous contact lens wearer with a nonspecialty contact lens and that you have previous information of your contact lens brand and powers. Prices may increase if you have never worn contacts, need a specialty contact lens (astigmatic lens, multifocal, monovision, or gas permeable), or donʼt pay on the same day of service. These prices are not guaranted.

Do I run the danger of not getting a good eye exam by always choosing the lowest priced eye doctor?

Choosing the lowest priced eye doctor doesnʼt necessarily mean you will get an eye exam of less quality, just as choosing an expensive eye doctor doesnʼt necessarily mean your eye exam will be of better quality. All eye doctors should give a good quality eye exam. We understand, however, that quality will vary. For this we ask that you rate and review eye doctors you have visited and that you take other reviews into consideration before choosing your next eye doctor.

How does eyedrprices.com get the prices of each individual practice?

The numbers that we provide you are simply quotes that we have received over the phone when directly calling each vision center. Please refer to the “listing updated” date for the month and year we received the most recent price quote. This is found on the same page as the quote of cost. The costs shown are not guarantees. For your own guarantee we suggest that you personally call the eye doctorʼs office to receive a quote that pertains to your own personal needs.

How can I get a Free Eye Exam?

Some vision centers will offer a “free eye exam” on a condition that you buy eyeglasses from their eye center. However, they may make you choose from certain frame styles or selections. Keep in mind that vision centers are businesses and they survive by making money. If you don’t pay for it in the vision exam you will probably pay for it when you buy their eyeglasses.
That being said, some people under financial hardships may qualify for a free eye exam and or free eyeglasses thru programs such as The Lions Club, Vocational Rehab or the Salvation Army. Check with your local programs for details.Rating: 5.6/10 (11 votes cast)Rating: +6 (from 6 votes)Frequently Asked Questions, 5.6 out of 10 based on 11 ratings